Hello! I am Laumee, a painter, illustrator and textile artist. I live and work in a small village near Cologne in Germany.

I create abstract and figurative paintings and drawings and my art often asks questions about reality and the strangeness of being human in this world. Myths, legends and fairy tales inspire me a lot.

I love natural materials like earth pigments and fibres and most of my paintings are created with traditional media like tempera grassa and casein. My illustrations and drawings are made using watercolour, ink, pencil, charcoal or digital media.

To work with fibres and fabrics is another important part of my work and I create textile objects by painting, sewing, felting, embroidering, printing and dyeing with plant materials.

Mehr über mich auf deutsch gibt es auf www.laumee.de


•    Fine Art and Stage Design, Berlin

•    Media Design, Berlin

•    Industrial Photography, Saarbrücken

Art Shows

2017  HERCHENER MALKASTEN, Kunstraum, Windeck/ Germany

2016  FEUER, WASSER, LUFT, ERDE,  Theater am Park, Eitorf/Germany*

2016 Open Studio, Windeck/Germany

2015 SHREDS II, Interimsgalerie, Trier/Germany

2015 LIKE WATER, Montagnac/France

2013/2014 Pop-up Gallery, various locations/Germany

2012 ALL ALONG THE WITCHTOWER, Bornheim/ Germany

2011 SHREDS, Museum Föhren/Germany

2009 QUIET, KunstAusstellung, Schweich/Germany

2007 – 2008 Interimsgalerie in der Hosenstr, Trier/Germany

2006 Temporary Art Space Pallasstraße, Trier/Germany

2005 FORGOTTEN,  K&K im Kankenhaus, Trier/Germany

2004 BLOODMONEY, Bider & Tanner, Basel/Switzerland

2003 SPUREN DER ZEIT, Residenz Engelsplatz, Lörrach/Germany*

2003 Le Nouveau Printemps, Pézenas/France

2003 Galerie Villa Aichele, Lörrach/Germany*

2002 Mas les Micocouliers, Montagnac/France

2001 Galerie Nunatak, Berlin/Germany

2001 Berolina Schriftbild, Berlin/Germany

2000 Galerie im Uhrturm, Dierdorf/Germany


* Group Show/Gruppenausstellung